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Who is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a 40 year old, premium, botanically based Beauty, Health & Wellness Company. We offer a wide range of consumable products including : Skincare, Nutrition, Makeup, Hair, Bath & Body. Arbonne also offers an amazing Business Opportunity with a competitive compensation plan. Arbonne transforms lives with it's quality products and the opportunity that comes with sharing these products. Our World Class Products combine botanically based ingredients and scientifically tested formulas. Pure Ingredients, a pure healthy lifestyle, and the pure joy of helping others.
Pure, Safe, Beneficial Ingredient Policy
Product Certifications: Vegan, Cruelty- free, Gluten-Free, B-Corp & many more. 


What sets Arbonne apart from the rest?

  • •Premium Products • 

  • Extraordinary Community • 

  • Compelling Compensation Plan


The Power to Transform Lives

Own your life with Arbonne.

Arbonne is more than a brand or products. Arbonne is a community, and we encourage

others to live healthy and happy through our clean products and our Healthy Living. It’s the perfect time to start your Arbonne journey! Join the Healthy Living Inside & Out movement and embrace the opportunity to live healthy, happy and free.



Shop our wide range of consumable products. 

Shop as a CLIENT to enjoy the Arbonne products with special offers. For more info on where to shop Arbonne products visit the link below. 

Preferred Client

Save as a member of our Rewards Program. 

Join as a PREFERRED CLIENT and save 20% along with Preffered Client only offers. Learn More >

Independent Consultant 

Earn with Arbonne’s Business Opportunity

Join as an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT and save 35%, earn money when you sell, and transform your life and the lives of others. Learn More >

Ready to embark on your journey to a healthier and happier you? Saying yes to Arbonne may lead to the life you've always dreamed of. Improve your health and life with our world class products and amazing business opportunity. Contact me for more information or to join my team of ambitious go-getters.  

Where can I purchase Arbonne Products?​

Arbonne is a social marketing company with products sold by a network of global Arbonne Independent Consultants. All sales of Arbonne products must be through an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Each Arbonne Independent Consultant has a website for online purchases that can be shipped directly to Preferred Clients or Clients.

For more information visit Arbonne's Website or go to Independent Consultant, Lexi Anderson's official Arbonne Website & Store.

Lexi Anderson

Independent Consultant

To place an order, contact me directly or visit the link below. 


Botanically Based Ingredients. Clinically Tested Formulas.

Arbonne's wide range of consumable products include Skincare, Nutrition, Makeup, Hair, Bath & Body. Learn more >